PHYSIO 206 Passionate About High Quality Physiotherapy In Birmingham

This page provides an insight into the reasons why Gary Jones, Founder of PHYSIO 206 has decided to open a clinic in Birmingham City Centre. He shares with you his vision for the company and what has shaped this following his time managing a private practice in London.

Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) in pregnancy

Find out more about what pelvic girdle pain is (PGP), how it presents and what you can do to manage this. This includes some self help tips from an expert physiotherapist in this field and how physiotherapy can be extremely beneficial too.

Heel Pain – What’s the “Sole-lution!”

Heel pain is common in runners and also those that do not exercise often. Plantarfasciopathy, also referred to as plantarfasciitis can be helped by physiotherapy including acupuncture, taping , exercise based rehabilitation and shockwave therapy.

Rugby Injury Crisis – Here’s our View You may or may not be surprised by the content of this great article taken recently from the BBC sport website. At Physio 206 this came as no surprise. Having worked with many rugby players injuries can certainly stack up. Everything from dislocated shoulders, to ruptured anterior cruciate ligaments to concussion this is a…

Velo…is it your knee that’s feeling sore

Velo Birmingham took place on the 24th September…a fantastic event and great for this city to host. I’m sure there were plenty of people after with achy leg muscles as well as a sore neck or back but one very common issue that cyclists report is the issue of pain in and around the knee-cap….

Run Run as fast as you can…

…Well maybe not that quick when you’ve got 26 miles to entertain! Unless that is you are aspiring to be the next Mo Farah. It was the inaugural Birmingham International marathon on the 15th October 2017 and congrats to those of you I know that ran it – great work! It looks like it was…